• We created XTRACT to start a revolution in the quality of health foods and beverages. By crafting the best plant and fungi-based functional ingredients available, we give companies the ability to make products that deliver on the health benefits they advertise. Our ultimate goal is to realize a happier and healthier world.






    We make the highest quality ingredients,


    So our partners can make the purest products,


    And you can be your best self.

  • How It Works




    Through a proprietary process, we have attained a pure, high-quality functional ingredient.



    Our extract is odorless and tasteless, and is available as a powder or liquid.



    With our Optimized Ingredients, your products can reduce cognitive decline.

  • About

    Quality of Life

    Erinacine-A is proven to reduce cognitive decline by promoting nerve growth.

    Food as Medicine

    Adding a functional benefit to food; how food should be.

    Sourced Sustainably

    Made from naturally derived ingredients with minimal environmental impact.

  • Meet the Team

    Eddie H., GM

    Lexi C., CCO

    Jorge R., CSO

    Connor F., CMO

    Jake M., CFO

  • We are a team of five students who created XTRACT Inc. at the University of Arizona in pursuit of

    making functional foods with natural ingredients more accessible for all.


    More function. More feeling. More living.